Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

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The new Omnicam, a 3D Color Scanner, has arrived in the office!

A new Omnicam scanner arrived in the office last week, and Dr. Ferguson could not be more thrilled to be the first practice in the area to offer this option to his patients. Ferguson Dental has used CEREC technology to create same day restorations for the last 10 years, but this recent upgrade in imaging technology improves and expands the possibilities for our patients. The new scanner creates exceptional 3D color digital scans and eliminates the need for powder based scans or messy impressions. The technology also allows Dr. Ferguson to create digital models and deliver customized porcelain restorations using the CEREC in-office milling machine in around 90 minutes. If you're interested, ask him about it... he would love to tell you all about this amazing new technology!

To learn more about he Omnicam scanner, click the link below.

Six Reasons to Consider Implants

Six reasons why you should consider implants instead of other solutions
  1. They look, feel and function like your natural teeth
  2. Healthy teeth do not need to be ground down to support the dental implants
  3. Anchoring dental implants in the jawbone stimulates bone tissue and gums, ensuring an attractive, esthetic result while helping to maintain facial structures
  4. Dental implants do not require any adhesives to hold the new teeth in place
  5. They eliminate the discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill-fitting dentures
  6. You have a secure, permanent tooth replacement

More information about the implant process can be found at and Dr. Ferguson always welcomes your individual questions. Call today to schedule a consultation, 973-744-3181.