Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

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Ferguson Dental Associates operates as a fee for service practice.  We have chosen this model because we strongly believe that it allows us to provide the optimal dental care to our patients, care that we would not be able to provide given the limitations and policies of current dental insurance programs.  As a result we do not "participate" in any given dental plan.  

We do, however, work in partnership with our patients and dental insurance companies to maximize your health benefits and facilitate reimbursement for our patients.  At each office visit we are happy to assist you in this process by providing completed insurance forms and mailing them to your insurance company for you at the conclusion of your visit.  

Additional Dental Insurances Facts

1. Dental Insurance is fundamentally different from medical insurance.

2. Dental Insurance is a contractual agreement between the employer and insurance company. The percentage of reimbursement varies greatly dependent upon the premiums paid for a particular plan and the limitations of the agreement.

3. Maximum payable benefits typically are around $1000-$1500 per year. This maximum benefit of most dental insurance plans today is almost identical to the annual maximum benefit of dental insurance plans 40 years ago.

4. Dental insurance is a benefit designed to help defray the costs of quality dental care, but is not all-inclusive of what an individual may need or desire to obtain optimal dental health for a lifetime.

5. While individual plans and companies vary greatly, our patients often receive similar reimbursement using their out of network benefits at Ferguson Dental as they would at an in network dentist. It is important to learn and understand your unique plan and benefits.

Please contact us directly to discuss your individual insurance questions!