Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

Providing Montclair with the Most Advanced Dental Services for More than 70 Years

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Best of Essex Reader's Choice Award Winner!

Thank you for voting Ferguson Dental Associates as a 2013 Best of Essex Reader’s Choice Award winner in the Best Dentists category!

Your support and recommendation are important to us, and we promise to continue to earn your trust by providing the best dental care available in a friendly, relaxed setting! Thank you again for taking the time to vote for us.

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Pacifiers and Oral Health

There’s an interesting debate occurring on the possible benefits and/or harm of cleaning a pacifier in your own mouth after it drops on the floor.

In a recent New York Time’s article Anahad O’Connor discussed the possible benefits of “Sucking Your Child’s Pacifier Clean.” The article states,
“For years, health officials have told parents not to share utensils with their babies or clean their pacifiers by putting them in their mouths, arguing that the practice spreads harmful germs between parent and child. But new research may turn that thinking on its head. In a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, scientists report that infants whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them developed fewer allergies than children whose parents typically rinsed or boiled them. They also had lower rates of eczema, fewer signs of asthma and smaller amounts of a type of white blood cell that rises in response to allergies and other disorders.”

The ADA quickly responded,
“The ADA wants parents to be aware that licking a pacifier can transfer the cavity-causing bacteria from parents to children—increasing the possibility of tooth decay as they grow....Sharing eating utensils with a baby, or the parent sucking on a pacifier to clean it, can also increase the likelihood of transmitting decay-causing bacteria.”

Dr. Ferguson’s take on the issue? He has three children that used pacifiers when they were young, and the pacifiers honestly weren’t boiled every time they dropped on the floor. But, it is important to note that the environment of every mouth is not the same. If a parent has good dental hygiene sharing utensils is less potentially harmful than if a parent has significant decay and disease. Germs and bacteria are easily spread to our children through all normal family activities. Keeping your child free of cavities and other oral infections is easier when you’re keeping your mouth healthy as well.

Fight Hunger the Healthy Way!

Ferguson Dental Associates is proud to support the Partners for Health’s Fight Hunger the Healthy Way Campaign! Today’s event at the Montclair Museum was inspiring. Congratulations on a successful event and launch of the Food Drive toolkits initiative. We came away thinking we can and should do more to help those in need in our community.

You can learn more and get involved through the Partner’s for Health website.


Good advice from Elmo for our younger patients!

Learn more about Sesame Street’s Oral Health initiative Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me at

We brought our smiles to the MHS Fun Run...

…and had a fantastic time!

Ferguson Dental Associates is proud to support MFEE
and Montclair High School Athletics!


Dr. Ferguson and his staff are running/walking...join us in supporting MHS Athletics!

Dr. Ferguson and his staff are running/walking, join us in supporting MHS Athletics!



We would encourage our patients to read any top doc or top dentist list that is supported by advertisement with caution.  The methods used are designed to produce a list that will generate revenue by advertising professionals.  We’ve been invited to participate in some of these lists in the past and have declined.  We are, however, particularly disappointed in the recent issue of the Montclair Magazine, specifically in the editorial choices used in presenting the section.  The section seems to be a continuation of the previous news article, and the profiles of doctors and dentists appear in a way that suggests that the Montclair Magazine played a role in choosing them.  They did not.  Key Professional Media conducted the survey and generated the list.  Please know that individual practice profiles were bought and paid for.  This section of the magazine clearly should have notified readers that it was an advertising section, but sadly it did not.  

At Ferguson Dental we designate the vast majority of our advertising budget to support our community.  We promote ourselves by participating in local charities and town organizations including MFEE, The Junior League, the Montclair Red Cross, the YMCA, Montclair Art Museum, Jazz House Kids, Montclair Community PreK, Human Needs Food Pantry, Toni’s Kitchen, among many others.  We’re comfortable with, and have been successful in, this approach.  We’ve been supporting local organizations for decades and hope that our leadership in community involvement has encouraged other professionals to be involved as well.

Our reputation is important to us and is the product of decades of providing the Montclair community with the best dental care available.  We invite your questions and comments concerning the recent section in the Montclair Magazine and are happy to compare our practice to any listed in the magazine.

Laser Zoom Whitening at Ferguson Dental

Treat yourself to a whiter, brighter smile at Ferguson Dental Associates. Laser whitening costs less than you think and can be done in just an hour or so at the office. And at Ferguson Dental, Zoom Tooth Whitening includes lifetime touch up materials that are included with your routine office hygiene appointments. Want to learn more? Call us today at 973-744-3181!

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Healthy Teeth are Important for a Healthy Heart!

Good dental hygiene Isn’t just about a pretty smile, it is important to your heart’s health! Ferguson Dental recommends routine dental visits for adults and children at least every six months.

The Heart of the Matter
Q. Are oral plaque, coronary vessel plaque and eye plaque the same substance?
A. Coronary plaque and eye plaque are directly related, while oral plaque is a different entity, said Dr. Holly S. Andersen, director of education and outreach for the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
The kind of plaque that causes atherosclerosis is “a soft, yellow, greasy gruel that is made up of a combination of cholesterol, fat and inflammatory cells that circulate in your bloodstream,” Dr. Andersen said. It can rupture and cause a heart attack or stroke.
Eye plaque is a cholesterol-filled embolus, or bubble, that breaks off from an atherosclerotic plaque elsewhere and lodges in a small blood vessel in the retina. “It shows that you have significant plaque buildup and have already had a partial plaque rupture,” Dr. Andersen said.
Oral or dental plaque, also yellow, is a film made up of colonies of bacteria, proteins, sugars and salts, she said. Excessive buildup allows for acid production, which can lead to tooth decay, gum inflammation, and tooth loss.
Studies link poor dental hygiene to higher risks of heart disease, Dr. Andersen said. The explanation probably has to do with inflammation produced by the plaque, which is known to contribute to atherosclerosis, and possibly with direct damage from the bacteria and toxins released into the blood.

Celebrating National Childrens' Dental Health Month in the Schools

This year Ferguson Dental Associates’ staff visited over 690 students in 31 local classrooms. It was our 13th year visiting students in kindergarden through first grade, and this year we also visited 2nd through 6th grade classrooms. At every visit we stress the importance of a healthy diet and caring for your teeth. What to expect when you visit a dentist is also presented. Did we visit your child’s school? If not contact our office to schedule a visit next year during National Childrens’ Dental Health Month!


Kids of All Ages Welcome at FDA!

Our staff is gearing up to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month in February and brought their children to work to take a few photos for educational materials and ads we’re working on. Dr. Ferguson and his staff will be visiting local schools to discuss oral health care with students throughout the month.

Pictured above is our fantastic staff and their adorable children!

Below is Dr. David Ferguson with his grandparents,
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ferguson, and two of his three children.

Do We Take Dental Insurance?

Do we take dental insurance?

Ferguson Dental Associates operates as a fee for service practice.  We have chosen this model because we strongly believe that it allows us to provide the optimal dental care to our patients, care that we would not be able to provide given the limitations and policies of current dental insurance programs.  As a result we do not "participate" in any given dental plan.  We do, however, work in partnership with our patients and dental insurance companies to maximize your health benefits and facilitate reimbursement for our patients.  At each office visit we are happy to assist you in this process by providing completed insurance forms and mailing them to your insurance company for you at the conclusion of your visit.  Please contact us directly to discuss your individual insurance questions!